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Lilo and Stitch, yahs and a bit of a spark: How did the second round of Edinburgh Goes Dating go down?

We’re getting pretty good at this


It's that time of the week you're growing to love (pun intended) – we send out Edinburgh singles on blind dates, and you get to read all about it. Escape the bore of the library and deadlines and discover all the goss from this week's daters. They're cringe, they're funny, but most importantly, they're a little bit romantic.

Rhianna, third year Classics, and Luke, third year Mechanical Engineering

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Fellow Northerners Rhianna and Luke met up at The Black Ivy to chat all things travel and well, the North. Was their mutual love of this geographical location enough to strike a spark?

How did the date go, any awkward moments?

Rhianna: Yeah it was lovely, he was really friendly. I thought he seemed a bit nervous but there were no awkward moments.

Luke: I enjoyed it, it was relaxed and we had some nice conversation. No awkward moments – just a lot of chatting.

Second date then?

Rhianna: I’d potentially go on a second date, however I wouldn’t be surprised if he just thought it was friendly.

Luke: Maybe, might be more relaxed next time.

Emma, second year French and Linguistics, and Jonny, fourth year economics

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She loves Mamma Mia and cooking, and he loves going to the gym and a night out. Emma and Jonny met for drinks at Montpeliers to find out if they could add each other to their list of interests.

Best moment of the date?

Emma: I really liked the whole experience and it was really fun to meet a new person.

Jonny: The decent chat and answering all the questions she had lined up.

Do you think you're romantically compatible?

Emma: Sadly not, we don't have that much in common.

Jonny: I don't think so. She's a bit of a yah, pretty close to your southern counties, Pollock girl stereotype who did a gap year. But don't get me wrong, she's really lovely, and we laughed about it all.

Would you go a second date?

Emma: I think probably not as we were quite different especially since he's nearly finished uni and I'm only second year.

Jonny: Keen for a second date, maybe just with someone else in the Tab’s dating agency haha.

Sophie, third year Philosophy, and Cate, third year Geophysics

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These two creatives and film lovers met at the Cameo for coffee.

Thoughts on your match?

Sophie: She was really cool, I think we got on well to be honest.

Cate: She was interesting and really easy to chat to! I was also happy when she arrived and I saw that she was fit.

Weirdest moment of the date?

Sophie: How weird can having coffee with someone get?

Cate: The weirdest moment was probably waiting for her to arrive, when I had no idea if I was even meeting a guy or a girl.

So how about a second date?

Sophie: It was really chill. Maybe too chill, but sure, why not!

Cate: I did fancy her, even though I think we got on more just as mates. But I'd go a second date for sure.

Ciara, third year Economics, and Gregor, fourth year Medicine

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Ciara and Gregor met at the Southsider for drinks. With a mutual interest in all thing sporty and active, and a shared passion for travel, we had high hopes.

Thoughts on your match?

Ciara: He’s a really nice guy, but I wouldn’t say there was a spark and not really much in common.

Gregor: We had lots in common.

Weirdest moment of the date?

Ciara: Possibly when I commented on his Stitch phone case. He told me Stitch was his favourite Disney character and then asked me what mine was. It was odd chat but I found it funny.

Gregor: Can't think of any particularly weird bits.

Second date?

Ciara: I'd be happy to see Gregor again as a friend.

Gregor: Yeah I would like to see her again, but think it’s more just friendly than anything else.

Ben, third year Mathematics, and Zoe, third year Chemistry

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Just like their degrees, Ben and Zoe's profiles went hand in hand. They look similar, they have similar types, this should be a good one.

Give us a run-down of the date!

Ben: It was exciting, fun and all for less than £20 – who can complain?!

Zoe: It was lovely to get to know him! I had a good time, and we had lots in common so conversation flowed quite well. I was quite scared at first meeting a random, but had a few drinks with my flatmate before and it all worked out!

Does this mean there was a bit of a spark?

Ben: If there's a fire in the wood and nobody sees it, was there really a fire?

Zoe: Hard to tell after just one date, but I think there is potential!

Second date?

Ben: I think a second date could be good fun, but who knows what the future will hold?

Zoe: Yeah, why not, he’s a honey.

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