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These are the best and worst halls at Heriot-Watt

*Spoiler* It’s not Leonard Horner

One of the most important choices at the start of university is which halls you pick. You could end up in the rundown halls with boring flatmates, or the expensive party halls with the wannabe Edinburgh uni students.

The reality is though, everyone thinks their halls are the best. But which halls are actually the best and worst ones on campus?

Robert Bryson

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These are said to be "the party halls". Robert Bryson has a certain charm and sense of community that you don't find in the newer halls. You may occasionally get trapped in the lift, but it's still worthy of a high ranking. Just be sure to take the stairs.

Christina Miller

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Christina Miller is as fancy as the new halls just with double the number of flatmates. Twice the fun, right?

Christina Miller is more comfortable than Robert Bryson, however it is more expensive, lacks the atmosphere that Robert Bryson has, and apparently the bed springs are awfully noisy.

New Halls – Anna MacLeod, Mary Fergusson and Muriel Sparks

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Usually home to wannabe Edinburgh uni students , it costs a painful £160 per week to live with lots of space, plenty of storage and a vending machine located right outside the flat door.

However, you will have to get used to the numerous fire alarms which occur in the early hours and lead to an embarrassing moment when you're standing in the car park in nothing but a towel.

George Burnett

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This the rival party hall to Robert Bryson, with a party happening every weekend which often results in the wardens kicking people out and locking the common room. The halls have a friendly atmosphere and you'll definitely end up getting to know everyone on your whole floor.

Robin Smith, Lord Thompson and Lord Home

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These halls are usually reserved for exchange students coming from the Dubai or Malaysian campus, so if you're a permanent Edinburgh resident you'll probably only see your flatmates for a semester.

Can anyone honestly tell the difference with these three?

Leonard Horner

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These are the butt of the joke among halls, but the Leonard Horner residents take the mean comments about their halls on the chin. However as they are the only halls that require you to share a bathroom, they deserve a place right at the bottom of the list.