Edinburgh is the third most expensive place in the UK to buy a pint

And it’s only out-priced by London and Oxford

In what is probably this year's least surprising piece of news, a survey by MoneyGuru has rated Edinburgh as selling the third most expensive pints of beer in the country, at an average cost of £4.35.

Before you complain about the soaring costs of living in the Auld Reekie, though, take a moment to be glad you don't live in London – where the average pint costs an eye-watering £5.19. In Oxford, the second-most-expensive place, you'll typically need to shell out £4.57 for a single beer.

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"Why did I pay over £4 for this? Beats me!"

The cheapest pints in the UK are apparently to be found south of the border in Carlisle, where you can enjoy a yeasty brew for only £2.35 – less than half the price the same beer would cost in London.

According to MoneyGuru, UK beer prices are on a rapid increase – with the country's average cost for a pint of bitter having recently breached £3 for the first time in history, and the average cost of a pint of lager sitting at £3.58.

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Beer just tastes better in Carlisle

Feeling the patriotism rapidly seeping away? Consider moving to the Czech Republic, where a beer typically costs only £1.17 – one of the cheapest in the world. I hear Ryanair flights to Prague aren't too pricy either.

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