Edinburgh is officially the vainest university in the UK

We spend nearly £60 a month each on our beauty regimes


According to a survey by sellhousefast.uk, Edinburgh is the vainest uni campus with 150 beauty salons within two miles of the uni. The survey also found that students are spending almost £60 a month on their beauty regime.

The survey was done by measuring how many beauty salons there were within a 2 mile radius of the university as well as spending habits of students in their monthly beauty regimes.

Edinburgh stormed to victory with a mesmerising 150 salons, nearly 50 per cent more than second place Belfast. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast were the top 3 with people spending on average £58.75 on their regimes, only £20.37 less than what they spend on their monthly groceries. This was followed by the fact that more than half are visiting a beautician monthly, and 57 per cent fake tan on a weekly basis.

Sellhousefast.uk spoke to a student from The University of Edinburgh who responded to these results by saying: “Before I came to university I had never fake tanned, but when I attended the freshers’ fair at the beginning of term, we received a special offer at a beauty salon.

“I now routinely fake tan, and get my nails and brows done; so I suppose you could say that the presence of beauty salons has admittedly made me vainer.

(Featured image credit: Ben Glasgow, Broke Fridays)