Dogs of the Meadows

The only important story on campus

It’s January. It’s cold. You’re back at uni. You might even have exams. And there’s probably nothing in the world that sounds nicer than cuddling up with your furry friend.

Next best thing to that, though, is the new and improved Humans of New York: Dogs of the Meadows.

Rory, Cocker Poodle, 7 

He’s an energetic old fella who thinks he owns the meadows. The world is his oyster.

Herbie, Black Lab, 3.5 

He loves people, the more the better, particularly groups of students – so if you see him be sure to give this good boy some nice tummy rubs. His favourite thing in the world is attention. Same, Herbie. Same.

Sam, Greyhound/Saluki, 8 

He’s very nervous but it’s okay because he’s also very fast.

Sam, Collie Cross, 4.5 months

Sam is a big baby and he loves his ball.

Gyoza, Pug, 2.5

This is a pug called gyoza. She eats dandelions because that’s the only thing cute enough for her, and she’s crazy 24/7.

Archie, Collie/Akita, 2.5

Wants to be your friend.

Aria, Cavershun, 4 months

She cant sit still and she loves her treats. Coincidence? I think not.

Moomin, Shiba Inu, 6

This American boy was born in Pennsylvania, and, if he could, he’d take you on a trip someday to New York and to see LA. Also his name is Moomin how cute is that?