Nicole Lai
Nicole Lai

‘We were sitting in a car with French people who were watching porn’ and other crazy stories from last year’s Edi Race2Paris

Hitchhiking to Paris with £0 in your pocket always comes with its own adventures

I took my mum to Big Cheese and it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever had

“My mum finished off her drink and declared: “We’re going to Big Cheese.””

Major redevelopment planned for Teviot

Please, not more building work

The first year of Edinburgh University is tough – it’s okay to be struggling

But let’s talk about it

Clubbers of the Week

Just like Jesus did, the students of Edinburgh went out on Friday and came back on Monday.

Clubbers of the Week

I didn’t even know there were enough people still in uni to fill this up but here we are

What it’s been like to live in Pollock – it’s been complicated

A fresher’s thoughts on the imminent end of Absorb pres and the like

The Tab Tries: A night out in Why Not, sober

Getting turnt off OJ is perfectly reasonable

Anonymous ‘Banksy’ sculpture pops up at Scott Monument

Which one of you art students did this?

The ‘Pollock bubble’ is a thing and this is how to get out of it

We’ve all fallen victim to it

This is what my friend at Durham thought of a weekend in Edinburgh

From sightseeing to the sesh