Robbie Travers has been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump

Edinburgh BNOC vs. U.S President Elect

Robbie Travers, a 3rd year Edinburgh student known for his Facebook political commentary,  has been blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump.

Travers, who is commonly regarded as an Edinburgh BNOC, was surprised last week to find that he couldn’t access Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Upon searching for the property tycoon and soon-to-be President, Travers was met with a notice saying that he had been banned from following or viewing Trump’s tweets.

Speaking to the Tab, Travers said that he believed he was banned from viewing Trump’s Twitter account because of his “pro-Clinton” stance and the fact that he was “very critical” of Trump’s campaign. He also believes it has something to do with the fact that he has a number of journalist friends who oppose Trump on social media. None of his friends have been banned from Trump’s Twitter as of yet.

Though Travers has voiced anti-Trump opinions on his Facebook (he has nearly 8,000 followers), he claims that he has only ever aimed two tweets at Donald Trump – one in 2013 and another in 2015. Nothing he has written, Travers claims, could be taken to be abusive or an attempt to incite violence against President Elect Trump.

“If you observe my Facebook, I even call for individuals to attempt to reach out to Trump.”

The Twitter handle @RobbieTravers is currently on a block list, ranked as a ‘Level 1’. This means that the account is thought to engage in “aggressiveness, threats, harassment, [and] dishonesty”. This would not be the first case of a Twitter user being placed on an anti-Trump block list.