Edinburgh is the 6th most employable university in UK

We’re 32nd in the world

Edinburgh is the 6th most employable university in the UK, making us the 32nd most employable in the world.

According to The Global University Employability Ranking, Edinburgh students are amongst the best in the world at exhibiting the skills wanted by graduate employers.

The ranking system is put together by asking recruitment managers from 2,500 international companies what skills they want in their graduate employees, and which universities around the world are best at producing them.

Cambridge (4th) was ranked the most employable university in the UK. Interestingly Manchester ranked above Edinburgh (24th) whilst UCL ranked below Edinburgh (48th).

American universities dominated the rankings with Caltech topping the list and five other US universities in the top ten.

The non-academic skills employers wanted differed between countries; UK employers said they wanted graduates who were motivated and good at teamwork and communication, with similar opinions coming from the US, France and India, while other countries like Germany and China valued adaptability in their graduate workers.