The Tab Guide to the Best Pubs in Edinburgh

Pub is love, pub is life

Whether you’re looking for a pub quiz, cheap drinks, or live music, there are so many pubs in Edinburgh that it’s sometimes impossible to figure out where to go. 
We decided to put together a few of the best to try and help you decide which one takes your fancy.

The Tron

If you’re looking for cheap drinks in the week (with some pints being just £1.75) and a good atmosphere then the Tron is the place for you.

There’s a weekly pub quiz on Mondays, karaoke on Tuesdays as well as live music, comedy and sports throughout the week. All this, along with a great selection of pub grub to choose from makes Tron a firm student favourite.

Drouthy Neebors

Located in the heart of Newington, Drouthys is the hidden gem of Edi pubs. Drinks are cheap, the staff are friendly and the pub itself is cosy. It’s perfect for you and your mates to have a nice chilled night, get a few drinks in before hitting the club or maybe even fit in some studying accompanied by a much needed pint when the library’s full.

With a weekly pub quiz on a Sunday, ‘Free Food Fridays’ and a selection of sports showing every day, it’d be rude not to give it a visit if you haven’t before.

The Dog House

Formerly known as McSorleys, the Dog House offers an edgy alternative to some of the other pubs in Newington. Although the drinks on tap aren’t quite as cheap as elsewhere, their £4 cocktails and buzzing atmosphere make up for it.

The pub quiz on Mondays, hip hop night on Thursdays and open mic night of Fridays are very popular, along with the ‘Wings’ food menu. The pub’s also dog friendly, meaning that it’s perfect for dog lovers to relieve the stress and get in some pats.

The Black Bull

Graeme in action

The Black Bull on Grassmarket is another firm favourite. With 20% student discount Sunday-Thursday on food and drinks and a nice selection of ales and ciders on tap, there’s something for everyone.

Live sports are shown throughout the week along with live music from various acts, with a special shout out to, an act close to many hearts, Graeme E. Pearson, who provides entertainment every Sunday and Monday from 9:30 and is definitely not to be missed.

The Three Sisters

Another firm favourite among students, with £2 pints and huge £4 double pints upstairs in the Napier union with your student card, what’s not to love?

The weekly quiz on Tuesdays offers a chance to win a £50 bar tab (that’s 25 pints!) and provides half time mac and cheese for those taking part. There’s also live sport on the big screen in the courtyard along with special screenings of season premieres and sometimes films (with the Walking Dead and the Rocky Horror Picture Show being shown soon.)

The Brass Monkey

Despite it being a little pricier than some other pubs on the list, the student deals and vibesy atmosphere more than make up for it!

The cosy sofa seats in the back room add a nice touch to the relaxed atmosphere. There’s daily film screenings at 3pm in the comfy room (with over 200 films to choose from) as well as a popular weekly quiz on Wednesdays.


Despite being the second most expensive student union in the UK, Teviot provides reasonably priced alcohol along with a friendly student atmosphere. It’s a nice place to go to do some work, have a catch up with friends and grab a bite to eat (let’s face it, nothing helps cure a hangover like the spiritual experience of Teviot nachos/wedges).

Whether it’s the Library Bar or the New Amphion that takes your fancy, Teviot has something for everyone and to top it all off, it’s Edinburgh’s answer to Hogwarts.

Finnegan’s Wake

Hidden away on Victoria Street, Finnegan’s Wake is an underrated, cosy pub with a friendly atmosphere. After signing up for a student card you can get drinks from £2.10 in the week (v cheap for the location) and can enjoy some live sports and a wide range of live music acts that provide entertainment nearly every day of the week!


The tagline ‘Live Music, Great Food, Great Craic’ definitely sums up Malones. The upbeat atmosphere and spacious bar area makes it perfect for socials and going out with a big group of friends.

With 4 big HD TVs it’s perfect for live sport and often holds live music gigs and even ceilidhs! Although the drink prices aren’t the cheapest, the food menu is reasonably priced and you can even get lunch for just £6.

The Pear Tree

Being close to uni, the Pear Tree is perfect for a cheeky post-lecture pint. While not ideal in the rain and cold, the outdoor courtyard area is perfect for catching up with friends and watching live sport. And when the weather does get a bit colder the 18th century building itself is a cosy alternative.

Student discount means that the drinks won’t break the bank and there’s a weekly pub quiz on Mondays for anyone who fancies their chances.

Andrew Usher and Co.

Ushers is another hidden gem not far from George Square that offers a very impressive range of ales and ciders for those of you who want to explore some of the best alcohols on tap that Edinburgh has to offer.

Staff are very friendly and helpful and may even let you have a taste of a few drinks before deciding which one you’d like to buy. As is to be expected the prices aren’t particularly cheap here but it’s definitely worth it. If high quality alcohol and weekly Sunday swing nights are your thing then give it a try.