All the people you’re bound to meet at Why Not Mondays

We all know that you love Why Not

As a fresher, it doesn’t take too long to find a good group of friends who you can go out with and have a great time, and if you’re lucky exchange an appropriate amount of small talk within the days whilst you are waiting for the next night out to arrive, even if it does mean you ask them what they did for A-Level every time you see them.

It also doesn’t take long to have that one club that no matter how hard you try and fight it in order to seem like a more ‘cultured’ student, you will always end up going back there and dancing to the same songs, with the same people, week on week. For many people – this club is Why Not.

You can be very certain of the type people that you will meet after the long and cold queue down George Street, and once you are inside, it is really not hard to spot the regulars.

The LED room

A room that people either go into to avoid the queue for the main bar, or they may be attending their course mates flat mates cousin’s birthday party if it means that there is free vodka involved and the opportunity to wear the plastic birthday crown that is being passed around. When in there, it would appear that the birthday sash is some form of license that allows you the right to damage club property and stand on the cushioned benches, competing with all the other people who are spewing out the words to ‘Loyal’ at the top of their lungs. It really is quite a sight.


The smoking area

After spending all too long in the supposedly shorter queue, your best option will be heading off outside to the previously credited ‘best smoking area in Edinburgh’ whereby you will find the early birds who get down there in enough time to secure their seats of status (vacated on a first come, first serve basis really) in the form of sofas underneath the heat lamps. They will not move for the rest of the night. They are often identified to be wearing a very ‘George-Street’ blazer and some skimpy jeans with a white buttoned-up shirt unfastened a good three buttons in order to allow the lungs to still function through all of that slim fit.

On the other side you will regularly see a DJ playing different music, often in the form of house, techno and drum and bass. This is where you find the fist-pumpers, previously mentioned who get dragged along to Why Not by their friends, but really fancy themselves to be more of a Cab-Voller at heart, but have never made their way down onto the Cow Gate.

The main floor

Not everyone however is too bothered by the unbearable heat and cramped nature inside the club and will commit themselves to being stood on the centre of the dance floor until the lights come up at 3am. There will be a good amount of sweaty dancing being splashed about, as well as the people who are there every other song showing their Notes on their phone to the DJ requesting them and their mates tune. No matter how many times you show them your phone mate, he’s not going to play ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor’ – the Big Cheese is on Saturday.


And finally, the people who are there for the photos. They often lurk around the edge of the dance floor, waiting for the photographer to make their way round, and once they do they get a photo, are expectantly unhappy with it, and repeat this routine for the rest of the night, until the photographer intentionally avoids them.

Photos from WHY NOT Nightclub.