Edi revealed as one of the UK’s most right-swiped unis

What can we say? the people love us

According to an an article by Vice published earlier today, Edinburgh has been revealed as one of the UK’s most right-swiped universities on tinder.

Tinder has become a way of life for most of us, and luckily for Edinburgh students, having UoE in your profile apparently makes you much more likely to be swiped for.

The data, collected by Tinder themselves and given exclusively to Vice, put Edinburgh at the 11th most right-swiped university for men, after Cardiff, Bristol and Nottingham.

Women at Edinburgh university, on the other hand, came in a place behind at 12th, although still beating Brighton.

Overall, the University of London topped the list as the most right-swiped uni for both males and females, while Oxford and Brighton came as the second and third universities for men, and Leeds and Cambridge finished off the top three for females.

Seems shocking that we managed to come 11th when these are the kinds of lines Edi guys are using.