Official: Edinburgh is ranked SEVENTH best uni in Europe

Chin up Glasgow and St. Andrew’s

Edinburgh has been ranked as the seventh best university in Europe in the recent Times Higher Education European University rankings.

Scottish rivals Glasgow and St. Andrews were left in the doldrums at 28th and 35th respectively, like the wee layabouts we know they are.

Vice-Chancellor Tim O’Shea will be a happy chappy

Oxford and Cambridge continued their dominance at the top, with Imperial coming in at third.

The news comes despite concerns over visa changes that are making it harder for international students to come to study in the UK.

Rankings editor Phil Baty spoke about the importance international students have in British unis. He said: “They spend about £4.5 billion on tuition fees and accommodation alone, but they also add much to the overall student experience by supporting a rich, multicultural campus life for all students.”

British unis actually performed very well overall with LSE and King’s also making the top ten. Others in the top 25 included Manchester (18th), Bristol (23rd) and Durham (24th).