Reid all about it: Exeter fresher has Fives nightmare

Silly fresh

Ali Reid, the Exeter University Hockey Club fresher who lost the club’s notorious Edinburgh Fives competition, has had the journey from hell, arriving in Edinburgh over an hour after he was supposed to get the train back south.

Not only that.

The Edinburgh-native Business Management student is due to fly back to Edinburgh at 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Reid, by his own admission, wasn’t the ideal fives player.

“My knowledge of the game is very slim, I’m shit at the game – obviously, that’s why I’m here.”

An absolutely chaotic day for Reid involved being kicked off a train, another being broken down, and numerous delays.

Reid’s troubles started when he lost his wallet in a kebab shop last night, leaving him unable to buy any food or water on his cross-country venture.

He was then kicked off the train for not having his railcard, leading to the massive delay.

The train he was kicked off of was a direct route to Edinburgh so all this could have been avoided had he not lost his wallet.

He then cocked up even more by boarding the slow train to Edinburgh.

If this wasn’t enough, the train was delayed between Morpeth and Berwick because of overhead line damage.

However, it wasn’t a total nightmare for the fresher.

He even met up with the boys of University of Gloucester Hockey Club to exchange ties and a few refreshments.

He said: “All in all it didn’t go to plan but I’m here now so I’m happy.”

“It’s a great tradition from the university and I hope that Edinburgh have a great time with their fives as well.”


Waiting at Edinburgh was a special welcoming committee, with a care package including Buckfast, mince pies, and Tunnocks tea cakes.

The welcoming committee at Waverley

Ali and the welcoming committee at Waverley

The Tab was also there to give him a very well-earned Tab t-shirt.

Silly fresh

Silly fresh

He told us that his favourite Edinburgh night out was Silk at Temple, his favourite drink was a vodka and coke or a whisky, because he’s Scottish.

Well, he’ll be able to enjoy a nice whisky when he returns to the Burgh tomorrow.