We went to the new Cat Cafe in Stockbridge

Pussy all around

If you’ve ever dreamt of being in a cafe full of pussy, then head down to  the Maison de Moggy pop-up shop in Stockbridge.

The cafe provides a cushy life for the cats in its care, whilst boasting the title of “First cat cafe in Scotland”.

If you can imagine heaven, this place is pretty close. Wherever you look there are cats everywhere just waiting to stroke up against you and nap on your lap.

Disclaimer: there was not a single male in sight. Perhaps an ideal place for some break-up therapy?

So us Tab lot went along to check it out because we figured someone had to do it.

Sassiest Cat: Guillaume (a.k.a Sass Puff)

He’s one hell of a focussed cat- eyes on the prize.

Softest Cat: Pauline

Cutest Cat: Phillipe

We did try and steal him but he wouldn’t get in the handbag…

But which cat is the owner’s favourite? She has a soft spot for Jaques, who is so large you’d be forgiven for mistaking him for a dog.

And while you have to be pretty ruthless in getting the cat’s attention away from other customers, cat treats will have them swarming.

But although £6 entry for an hour long cuddle session may seem a little steep, this isn’t your regular cafe.

There’s an underground ‘spa’ room, complete with electric candles and kittens.

And for those of you with allergies? Good news – our sensitive editor barely even sneezed. Cats all round.

Just make sure that you get one of the cupcakes- they’re pretty life changing.

This cafe is the stuff of dreams, and seriously made us reconsider becoming crazy old cat ladies, preferably sooner rather than later.