Freshers launch expensive alternative to Big Cheese

Silly freshers

Two hopeful freshers are trying to convince the legions of Big Cheese lovers to pay a steep £6 to instead attend their new gardening clubnight.

Horticulture is launching this Saturday but eyebrows are already being raised at the entry cost.

Freshers Ellie and Chris, self-professed Big Cheese fanatics, are hesitant about coughing up the cash: “It’s almost the price of a Nandos, and that’s quite a big sacrifice to make”.

The inside of the Fromage

And with the night being hosted in Teviot’s Underground club, just across the street from the Big Cheese, it could be difficult for the boys to poach the Cheesey crowd for an extra two quid.
Joel Hambly and Elliot Perks, Economic History and Ancient and Medieval History students respectively, are adamant there is a gap in the market for an alternative Saturday night.

Here’s hoping they live up to the sleazy antics of the cheese.

Joel doesn’t dispute the infamous Saturday night at Potterow is an Edinburgh institution, but insists they’re onto something: “There’s room for two separate nights on a Saturday offering different things so that as many students as possible can enjoy the student union”.
But they’re yet to convince most. Second year, and Big Cheese cynic Alicia said: “‘I’m willing to swallow the price, although it’s unlikely to reach the status of Big Cheese due to The Underground’s tiny size.”
With the first night of many being held on Saturday the 17th of January, it will be interesting to see if many people fancy a change from their regular haunts.
The boys are planning on attracting sports clubs with discounts: “Prices vary based on groups or sponsorship deals but nobody will pay more than £6, for example, we are offering societies various deals for cheaper entry.”
And what about the intriguing name of the night? The name itself is as perplexing as the organisers’ reasoning behind it: “The art of horticulture involves the growing and cultivation of plants.
“We want the Horticulture Club night to be one which grows and evolves over time always catering to the needs of those who attending.”
That’s right. Go to Horticulture, and you’ll be tended to like a plant.