YouGov has Edinburgh all figured out

We’re posh and boring goldfish owners

YouGov have a website allowing you to find out the typical person who ‘likes’ a certain subject on Facebook, so, naturally, we checked out our own lovely university.

And the results weren’t exactly pleasing.

According to YouGov, typically, we are 18-24 year old females, from central Scotland with the highest social grade possible, having either £125 or a massive £1000 to spare per week.

Those brief statistics aren’t too bad, but it gets a whole lot worse.

YouGov then gives you the option to check out lifestyle, personality, favourite brands etc. of the randomly selected sample.

Our favourite dishes include lentil casserole and African ground nut stew and our favourite hobbies are quizzes, scrabble, chess and, wait for it, studying.

10369123_10203332083849083_1115235052723428988_n (2)


“Fresh food is better than frozen,” is a thought that may pop into our heads often and apparently we describe ourselves as funny, polite, sensitive and ethical.

Favourite brands is topped by Toshiba, but of course, pretty high up on the list, are good old Greggs and Irn-Bru.

The YouGov website also shows our most visited websites, favourite forms of entertainment and popular newspapers and magazines.

Our most preferred pet would be a fish. Are we really that boring?

1456762_10203332083129065_4835906525215561332_n (2)

If you can’t afford a fish tank with your spare £125 – no problem!