Food ratings surprise: Elfalafel is cleaner than upmarket Biblos

At least uni cafes are clean

The food hygiene ratings at favourite restaurants, takeaways and cafes in Edinburgh will make you choke on your marinated halloumi. 

Down to earth, reliable haunts like Malone’s and Elfalafel have been awarded “Pass” by the Food Standards Agency.

But upmarket Potting Shed and law student favourite Biblos have been slapped with “Improvement Required”.

Malone's has good standards of hygiene

Malone’s has good standards of hygiene

This means the two swankier joints have worse ratings than some branches of Subway and Greggs.

There are no surprises that Chicken Club also scored “Improvement Required”.

Subway has better food hygiene standards than this place

Subway has better food hygiene standards than this place

Geologist Cameron, 19, was confused, and he said: “I’m really surprised at that. I had fish and chips that tasted quite clean.”

Postgrad Vasily, 23, who studies Physics added: “My friends and I eat there all the time and it always seemed clean to me. I can’t believe it.”

Definitely won't get salmonella here

Definitely won’t get salmonella here

The majority of uni eateries like DHT Cage and the Library cafe also win “Pass” – so you’re more likely to catch food poisoning from Biblos than them.