What do Edinburgh’s boys like to see you ladies wearing

‘Confidence is sexiest’

Men and women really are different. And it shows in what they’d like each other to wear.

George loves leggings: “But only black leggings so forget the leopard print.”

He admits that showing off your bum and legs is fine by him:  “But I hate ripped jeans – unless they’re the result of a skating accident.”

This man loves a hipster: “I have a thing for flipped back caps and denim jackets. Throw in a couple of outrageous shirts – colourful, patterned and possibly even silky – and I’m all yours.”

Like a magpie, George seems to run after shiny things: “I  love sparkly sneakers.”

“But really, the sexiest thing on a girl is confidence.”

that flip backed cap wins George over every time

Dat flip backed cap though…

Eugene was quick to get straight to the point: “What, dressed? I tend to prefer them naked.”

And he takes the love for the au natural to the extreme: “No make up, no heels and no short skirts.

“I like a bit of class, but look for girls who are a bit different because you all dress the same.”

He doesn’t like leggings: “But I love a good crop top – skin’s good.”

Hot to trot in a crop top

Hot to trot in a crop top.

Roger has a refined taste in clothing: “My favourite thing on a girl is an Elephant’s Breath Farrow & Ball coloured dress – or what Britney Spears wears in Toxic.”

And leggings are only for the gym: “VPL is just the worst.”

He likes his girls feminine: “On formal occasions, I looks for a woman with a high necked backless little black dresses. I hate it when girls wear suits.

“I always look at what a girls wearing. I think it sort of defines a person’s first impression.”

Its Britney bitch

It’s Britney bitch.

Now us girls seem to be far easier to please.

Julie tells me that skinny jeans are good: “But I hate visible boxers, they’re so GCSE public school.

“A white tshirt and a cool coat works for me.”

And she thinks vanity is just unnatractive: “I hate it when I notice a boy’s have put a lot of thought into his outfit. To me it means they’re feminine and vain and I don’t want that in my boys.”

get the GCSE look

Get the GCSE look.

Sidonie is a quirky little thing and her ideal man dresses in dungarees: “If there a little ankle on show that’s even better.

“I like big jumpers with tailored coats and possibly even a polo neck, they’re SO French.”

But Sidonie has a hard time finding people with her kind of style: “I’m jumping on the next man I see in dungarees.”

Some people just suit dungarees

Some people just suit dungarees.

Tiger knows what she doesn’t like in her men: “I just hate cardigans with a passion.

“And I have no has no time for chinos. Knitwear is out of the question and I just loathe red trousers.

“And if they wear blazers, they’re tossers.

“Just wear whatever – but don’t look like a twat.”

Don't be these guys.

Don’t be these guys.