Top 10 places to study

Is the library’s stressed-filled atmosphere too overpowering? Are you having difficultly concentrating in your own bedroom? Have no fear, The Tab is here!

And we have complied a list of the Top 10 places to study that is beyond the walls of your bedroom and the library.

So please consider these options, as it has been proven that altering  your study environment can in fact help you to retain information better.  And we all want do better, don’t we?

1. Freemans 

Often regarded as one of Edinburgh’s best coffee shops, Freemans’ warm and homely ambience is an exceptional place for students to absorb themselves into their studies. In the heart of Marchmont, this café has free wifi, large desk spaces and outside seating (for those few sunny days in Edinburgh).

Freemans Café

2. Starbucks (Forrest Road)

In a central location supplied with large desks, free wifi and arguably good coffee, this is a great alternative to the library.

3. Costa (Bruntsfield & South Bridge)

A slightly underrated café, and also one of my favourites, are the Costas on either South Bridge or Bruntsfield. You will find that the relaxed and warm tone is a great place for those who prefer to work in quiet settings.

4. Balcony Cafe, National Museum of Scotland

Probably the most unusual place to study, the Balcony Café offers a bright and open study space, with the opportunity to observe the  Museums’ extensive collection.

Is it acceptable to take a break now?

Is it acceptable to take a break now?

5. Brew Lab 

This Artisan Coffee Bar with a rustic and quirky image, offers a cool and laid back feel for its customers. Supplied with everything from Pekoe Tea to the cakes from the beloved Lovecrumbs, it sounds almost too good to be true.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.55.16

6. Black Medicine (Bruntsfield)

Tucked away in Bruntsfield, this small and tranquil café is hidden from the public eye and is perfect for those who cannot work in busy environments. You’ll just have to find it first…

7. Hula Juice Bar

Voted as the best Edinburgh Café by The Skinny in 2013, Hula Juice Bar provides a healthier alternative with smoothies, green juices and organic health boosters. What more can you ask for?

Smoothies anyone?

Smoothies anyone?

8. Spoon

Spoon is a spacious café/restaurant that is known to serve the best soup in Edinburgh. So if you fancy home-made, traditional and comforting foods and of course, a place to study…Spoon is the place for you!

9. Café Nero (Royal Mile)

Situated on the infamous Royal Mile, Café Nero provides great coffee with finger-licking snacks, easily accessible plugs (for those dying laptops) and intense heating to warm your cold legs from Edinburgh’s attempt at spring weather. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t stop by.

And lastly, the trusted student unions…

10. Teviot Row House/Potterrow

Need I say more?

Use your imagination

Use your imagination

Good Luck!