EUSA decide to become “a feminist”

On Thursday 21st November, EUSA’s Student Council Meeting will vote on whether “EUSA is a feminist”

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After a dry spell, EUSA are back in action. Kirsty Haigh, our Vice President of Services, is bringing the motion that “EUSA is a feminist” to the Student Council Meeting this Thursday.

Kirsty Haigh, Vice President of Services

The motion says EUSA should trumpet “intersectional Feminism to the student body and challenge negative connotations around the word and ideology.”

“Everyone should be a feminist as Feminism is the way forward to creating a more equal society.”

The motion also seeks to ensure that: “everyone understands that gender is a social construct.”

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This is the latest “pro-female” policy by EUSA. Previous moves include censoring songs and banning lads. EUSA also likes abortion.

Questions have been raised about the plan. Sarah Moffat, our Women’s Liberation Convenor, has said: “Some feminists believe [males] can [be feminists], others don’t”.

The fact that some students are male could pose a problem, as could the fact that not all students are feminists.

However, the motion suggests that this may only be the case because: “There are students on campus who do not know or understand the term feminism.”