The Birds

Review of Classics play The Birds. Expect feathers and innuendoes galore.

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One night Aristophanes, Cabaret and Rocky Horror put on a show….No, it’s not the start to a bad dad joke. It’s the Classics Society’s comedy play “The Birds’. With more bird jokes than a Monty Python parrot sketch, tha cast have corseted up, grabbed their feather boas and taken to the skies.
'The Birds' are at least still alive.

‘The Birds’ are at least still alive.

With a mixture of musical numbers and ancient Greek jokes. The first night of the play highlighted a funny and witty script that packed more bird jokes than I thought was possible in an hour and a half show, each one accompanied by a cheeky look from the cast member and a fervent laugh from the audience.

If you are looking for an evening of silly ‘puntastic’ fun, look no further. The play may ruffle a few feathers with its innuendoes but this only enhances the play and even make Aristophanes blush.This does not mean that the story has been detracted from. Far from it, it has been updated to make it current and its mergence with Rocky Horror and Cabaret allow this 2000 year old play to be accessible to all…..providing you are over the age of 16.

Aristophanes would definitely approve

The cast were a talented bunch. They impress with acrobatics and silly dance moves. The major characters impress with their extended monologues, that even a roman oratory might struggle to remember. Even being able to keep their cool when the rest of the cast flap and squawk around and behind them. Some beats for jokes were missed and little more time for them to to register with the audience may have created a louder laugh but this could be put down to first night jitters.I just wished there had been more musical numbers to sing along with.

First night audience reviews: “ You would be a ‘tit’ to miss it” one enthralled audience member advised. Another claimed it to be ‘Puntastic. A liberal dose of big, silly, stupid fun.’

‘The Birds’ is on until Saturday at Summerhall, Facebook event page here.