Kinks, Crocs and Champagne: 10 wacky and wonderful Durham societies you should join

It gets to the point where boasting you’re a DU Footballer just isn’t that impressive anymore

It’s week six of Michaelmas term and by now, the Freshers’ Fair is a distant memory pushed far back in your mind.

Despite being pressured to promise your soul to 27 different societies, you’ve never been to more than two meetings, and you only signed up for Hummus because Jack Edwards was once the president.

With over 200 societies available at Durham, have you ever wondered which ones are actually worth the subs? Well not to panic, this handy guide will make sure you know exactly which societies to join, even if you did lie to your parents that you were going to aim to become the President of the Durham Union by Epiphany term.

1. Psychedelic Society

Ok so when the actual description of a society includes the words “psychedelic experience” in “various fields” that should cause either excitement or immediate alarm bells, up to you on that one tbh. It could be a great stress reliever during summative season… especially when you realise that their last social revolved around collecting mushrooms in a field. At least they live up to their name.

2. Railway and Train Society

A society all about trains and railways you say? Francis Bourgeois would have a field day.

Well yes it’s quite niche I admit, however the fact that Cambridge has one (let’s ignore the fact it’s over 100 years older) is explanation enough. Anything to keep that Oxbridge of the North reputation going, plus I can personally say from first hand experience that their socials are pretty good.

3. Assassins Society

It’s basically a good excuse to role play being in Killing Eve, without actually committing a crime. With a whole handbook on the (admittedly mind boggling) rules, which includes the etiquette to duelling and bounty hunting, this is definitely one for those of you who see yourselves as the next 007 or if taken too far, doing life in prison.

4. Beekeeping Society

But what’s wrong with just getting my organic Manuka from Waitrose? A lot, these people will probably tell you.

When they’re not busy keeping bees, they spend the rest of their time going on socials with the most inventive dress codes, such as ‘yellow and black’. One would hope that no bees were harmed in the making, however I have been told that bees are occasionally killed… but at least they look good doing it in the wavey white apiary garms.

5. Sherlock Holmes Society

So 007 wasn’t quite up to your standard then? Not to fret when you could try your hand at being an amateur detective.

All you need now is a sidekick to attend all those Sherlock quizzes and socials. If one of the University’s 61 Steinway pianos ever goes missing then we’ll know who to call, after all “You know my methods, Watson”.

6. Crocs Society

I mean this is literally the perfect excuse to finally buy those pair of Crocs that you had been eyeing up. With a whole insta page practically devoted to the weirdest and most interesting Crocs known to humankind, it’s actually fascinating how much Croc love there seems to be. Time to dust off your Crocs and join the Croc revolution it seems. Did I say Croc enough (subliminal messaging much)?

7. Kink Society

Well I mean tying knots always comes in handy right? Best leave your knot tying badge from Scouts at home though, it’s a bit of a mood kill.

This has to undoubtedly be one of Durham’s more ermmm interesting societies, and although numbers have been plummeting in recent years they still host a variety of talks and workshops. Good luck trying to convince your friends to join you in signing up though.

8. Quadball Society (formerly known as Quidditch)

Who doesn’t want to run around Palace Green on a broomstick in the attempt to capture the Golden Snitch? Especially when you have the Cathedral in the background, you could just about kid yourself that you have just stepped out of a Harry Potter novel. Well almost, until you realise that you are late for your maths tutorial and not Flitwick’s Charms class.

9. Scuba Diving Society

Convinced you could find Atlantis if only you had goggles and an oxygen tank? Scuba diving might be the one for you.

They run regular classes, and at only £20 for an annual membership, surely it will be worth it when you find buried treasure at the bottom of Mildert lake.

10. Champagne Society

An absolute Durham classic. Durham would not be Durham without such an icon of a society.

It seems hard to believe this was only created in 2011, what did those poor students do before then? It also solves that pesky Waitrose problem as you can get your hands on as much Taittinger and Bolly as you want. With ball tickets coming in at £100 a pop, and a notorious bar tab running at highs of £45,000, you may even learn to pronounce Moët properly for free.