BREAKING: Durham University puts Collingwood and St Mary’s in college lockdowns

One in six living in St Mary’s and one in 10 in Collingwood have tested positive for coronavirus

Students from both Collingwood and St Marys college have been asked to only leave their respective accommodations for university activities.

This comes following recent outbreaks in both colleges where according to the university there are “around” 50 cases in each college – this amounts to one in six at St Mary’s and one in 10 at Collingwood. Today it was announced there have been over 250 cases at Durham since term began.

The university has outlined that this “lockdown” will last for seven days but will be under constant review and could be subject to change.

The move calls for livers in of both colleges to avoid going into the town centre or visiting any pubs and bars in order to try and stop the spread in Durham however students will still be able to use the facilities within their colleges such as college catering.

While some students are already self-isolating due to positive test results within their bubbles, this motion from the university will apply to all those who live within the two colleges whether they are showing symptoms or not.

The official university statement says this latest move is part of their Outbreak Response Plan which has been put together to support the health and safety of both students and locals.

Jeremy Cook, Pro-Vice-Chancellor wrote: “We have been actively monitoring coronavirus case numbers across the University community throughout the pandemic and have implemented a range of carefully considered, progressive measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

“Effective immediately, we are asking students who are living in our St Mary’s and Collingwood Colleges but not currently self-isolating to remain on the University campus and only undertake journeys relating to their education or managed University activities for the next seven days.

“We anticipate this request remaining active for seven days, though we will keep this, and the situation across our campus, under constant review.”

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