Durham University has had over 250 cases of coronavirus since the start of term

There’s been 219 new cases in the last week

Durham University has just announced on its website that 219 students have reported new cases of coronavirus in the last week, with three staff members also reporting to have the virus.

On Monday, The Tab Durham revealed that 76 cases of coronavirus had been reported by students, with 69 of those cases being reported in the week prior.

Since the beginning of Michaelmas term, there have been 251 student cases and five staff cases of coronavirus. Durham has stated all members of the University who have reported testing positive are now isolating in accordance with NHS guidelines.

The University has revealed it will now be giving weekly updates on the number of cases reported by staff and students, which will include both the number of new cases and the running total.

These figures will be taken from all members of the University – not just those currently living in Durham City. Durham University has confirmed that of its 20,500 students, around 2,000 are currently studying entirely online.

These figures are correct as of Wednesday 7th October.