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A Durham college has banned Robbie Williams’s ‘Angels’ from all events

People so excited someone ended up in hospital


College officers have banned Robbie William’s “Angels” from St Mary's College Balls.

This comes after a student sustained a “very nasty injury” after they took part in a tradition where students “rush to the centre of the room” during the song.

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In an email to students, management said: "As a result of this review we do not feel that the tradition that has formed around this particular song is safe in the confined space of our Dining Hall or anywhere else within College buildings, e.g the College Bar."

A Mary's student told The Durham Tab: "They play Angels and everyone stands in a big circle, and then when it gets to the line 'and through it all' we all rush together."

Mary’s JCR clearly didn’t offer protection, a lot of love or affection.

Read the full email below:

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