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Every reason you don’t like the snow is wrong, and this is why

Get off your high horse and make a snow angel

If you don't like the snow, you're wrong. We've compiled a very clear list to tell you exactly why.

1. 'It's cold'

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Coats. Wear that.

2. 'It makes it harder to get to lectures'

As if we weren't already looking for any possible excuse to avoid lectures. I'm paying 9 grand to make friends, not listen to some people talking about something.

3. 'Everyone posts it on their snapchat'

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I have seen this one far too often. Friends, you have a choice whether or not to view people's sc stories. Also, of course people post pictures of the snow; it is fit! And I'd rather have a few snaps of snowy landscapes than seven videos of you and your grimy mates gurning in a club.

4. 'It's slippery'

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No, it's a challenge. Take this opportunity to test your balance, put your stomach to the test. By the end of winter you will have abs for days. I ain't talking about abs, I'm talking fully fledged

5. 'It triggers memories of a traumatic childhood event involving snow'

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Yeah, this one's kind of fair to be honest.