How to make it through a seminar without doing any work

Night out fomo? Head on out, we’ve got you covered

*2 bevs down the night before*

Go out and enjoy yourself, we whisper to reassure ourselves that having fun is clearly more important than getting a degree. After all, the uni experience is only once in a lifetime. And what's a bit of sleep deprivation anyway?

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When quiet nights in make a U-turn

Until 8.40am the next day, when the room is spinning and you’ve stretched that lie in after one too many Jaegers. The reality is hitting that you never actually prepped for that 9am with the seminar leader who interrogates everyone and plays question time. But the £9000 tuition fees are sitting on your shoulder, so you'd better go.

So here’s a handy hangover-proof guide as to how to get through a seminar without having done any work!

Estimated time of your arrival to the seminar can be crucial

Arrive late. Miss the point where you have to offer your opinion on the text. Or arrive early to sus out the best place to sit!

I would highly recommend right in front or next to the seminar leader as this way they are less likely to pick on you. Why? They won’t want that intense awks eye contact that develops in close proximities.

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When you can't face getting up…stay strong and rise!

Fear not at question time

If you must answer a question, answer as early as possible to bag the easier questions on offer which you can wing or rephrase what the guy next to you said.

In this case it's okay to ‘borrow’ from the discussion you’ve had with a partner as that’s what a seminar buddy is for, right? #sharingiscaring

If you are thrown into the deep end, fake it until you make it. Or just nudge the person next to you and ask for help.

Be a Productive Polly

At the end of the day going to that seminar hungover saves a lot more time than catching up or trying to get notes off a course mate who will either be generous, kind and understanding, and take the 'we're all in the same boat' approach (this is the person you want to be…think good karma). Or a right meanie and not share notes because they are protective over their work.

So you may as well get your 9ks worth and go to the seminar. A Productive Polly in action will just go to get the info down and lie low!

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One Productive Polly attending a 2 hour tutorial!

Be a user

This is the only exception, and only time, it is acceptable to use people…purely for their knowledge!

Your head could be banging, your gut churning and overall you probs feel like a piece of shit, meaning your brain won't be on top form. This lack of brain power and the fact you haven't prepared means you can't contribute to the discussion, BUT don't not go…be a user and get the info from discussions written down.

Be a karma karma karma karma chameleon

Lie low, avoid eye contact, sit deep into your chair, bury your hungover head and DO NOT fall asleep as then the plan will fail and you will be picked on for sure!

Freshers need not worry about seminars. Second and third years: if you decide to go off the beaten track of studying and have a wild one then follow the guide and you will survive!

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If you really can’t face that seminar without prep or make a 9am because you're hanging, don’t forget you can always go to another seminar group…prepared or not!