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Formally Lost is back: the Castle formal you hitchhike to get to

Hitchhiking, a formal, and raising money for charity – you can’t possibly go wrong

Is summative season getting a bit dry? Fancy getting in the spirit of Christmas with a formal just before the end of term? Want the chance of a lifetime to hitchhike, suited and booted, ready for a two course meal to round it off?

Why not sign up to Formally Lost, DUCK's big event, back again after two years.

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A candle-lit dinner is the perfect way to end a day of hitchhiking

How does it work?

There's the option to sign up with your friends for both the hitchhike and the formal or just the formal at the Great Castle Hall.

Competitors arrive at the DSU for 9am wearing black tie and gowns, ready to be blindfolded and dropped off in the middle of no where (around 3 hours away from Durham). From this unknown location the contestants have to hitchhike their way back in time for the Castle formal, starting at 8pm.

The contestants then have until the evening to find their way back to Castle for a Christmas formal complete with a luxury 2 course meal and live entertainment from Hatfield College's Jazz bands: Kinky Jeff and the Swingers, and the newly formed Cathedral City.

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Fresh from a day of hitch-hiking

Competitors can't use their own money, and the winners will be rewarded with seats on Castle high table. There are also more prizes up for grabs, such as seats for a Hatfield formal, as competitors will also have a points sheet with challenges to complete along the way.

The challenge will be in aid of Cool Earth, which fights climate change by preventing deforestation, primarily in the Amazon. It uses donations to prevent loggers buying land from rainforest communities.

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If you want to take part in this wild charity event on Sunday 10th December, click here.