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Police are cracking down on Durham students for getting naked, swearing, and throwing ‘unacceptable’ house parties

They have had enough

In an email sent out yesterday Castle students were told that "Police are getting increasingly concerned over reports of student misbehaviour in town". This lack of respect is attributed to "packs of students using offensive language, wearing inappropriate fancy dress, acts of nakedness or lewd behaviour."

That means no more chanting "if you live on the bailey you're a C**t", naked initiations or singing in the streets. This is not just directed at Bailey colleges or in any way linked to Castle, despite their recent football social shenanigans.

In light of the night-time antics police "are going to start taking a stricter line with students" even when it comes to unacceptable house parties. The email asked for students to remember they are a minority in the community and "not to be caught up in this and that it can be easy to forget that Durham is a small place".

Hopefully it won't lead to arrests, expulsion or criminal records from what we deem as harmless fun; the email reminded students that nobody wants to be that person!