Local Lib Dem politician is wrong to bash us

Look how in touch he is

Students have a bad rep because of our drunken and loud behaviour. But we’re not just sex fuelled teens who scrape a 2:1.

For a local councillor to claim “Claypath is at a tipping point” and that we don’t need more student housing is is massively unfair.

He said: “If this continues the area will be dominated by students. I’m not anti-student. I welcome the contributions students make to our city. But we need a more balanced community.”

You want to keep this?

The Lib Dem councillor, who is also a member of the Vegan Society, doesn’t really make his case very well. The current building that is due to be demolished is a crappy and derelict place, surely new homes on the site would make the neighbourhood more pleasant to look at? Even for grumpy locals.

We’re not bad people and we are not (always) loud and unruly. There are already zealous council regulations in place to prevent any disruption to hyper sensitive locals. My college mum even had house parties banned because of complaints. An insider like a councillor should know that students are not going to actually make the neighbourhood any less agreeable.

Does the councillor really think 15,000 of us fail to bring in much needed cash to fuel the local economy? We make significant additions to the property markets and the university is one of the reasons an otherwise out of the way city actually has weirdly good transport links.

Not all like this

The people apparently bringing an entire ward of Durham to a “tipping point” also go onto high level stuff. From academia, finance, education to law Durham is can’t be the worst bunch of students to have living next door to. Surely we must be fairly responsible to be successful later in life?

All of this comes after the Lib Dem prospectus MP Craig Martin told locals last year: “Before these [river deaths] there was nothing for 30 years so what has changed? The truth: excessive alcohol consumption.”

What is it with these local politicians bashing us? Would it be fair to say Councillor Richard genuinely misunderstands students or does he just really not like any positive development within his ward.

Could we suggest he learn what students are? You know, people?