Your guide to Durham’s dialect

Because we’re too intelligent for actual English

Durham people talk a lot of shit. Here’s a very quick guide to understand what they’re going on about.

Bantah: A hilarious and often belittling joke at another’s expense. The producer of such comedy will probably also be a massive lad, who will confirm his other friend’s ability do also create top bants by shouting this word with feeling and sincerity.

(At least they have) Great Craic: Lay claim to how you’re actually an eighth Irish and pull out some outstanding chat. A patronising adjective used to describe an unfortunate pull of your housemate’s, but endearing all the same.

Classic not Classic

Classic not classic: For all those moments that are just so original but have actually happened to every other person alive. This phrase will be particularly prominent after some good craic following a night out.

Dreamy: Congratulations. You’ve just avoided a major drama, a phenomenally traumatic first world problem.

Buddy: Someone you love like you love your dog. Or like an American.

Mate: Because Durham is like a family, and we’re all best fwends. Plus, after a particularly disgusting night in Klute, you’ll probably make one of these people your “mate” for a few regrettable hours anyway.

Squad Goals: You think you’re on point. You think you look sick. This insanely edgy photo was probably taken on the Salt Flats in Utah by some members of Hatfield.

Squad Quads

Rogue: Inexplicably adventurous behaviour, such as waking up to a traffic cone outside your front door on Hawthorn. Or be a little daring and pop it in the living room as a conversation starter at prinks for some tremendous craic. 

Binned: You were just so tragically drunk you little rebel. The bravest of you were so intoxicated you got with a local, yet the only sausage most of you were eating was from Subway.


Edgy: There’s a scrunchie, a pair of New Balances and a Castle Smenergy Sweater. Do their large numbers negate any claims to edginess? The Tab leaves you to decide.