Bear Hug steals the Saturday night show

Embrace the Bear Hug

Bear Hug is set to revolutionise how you party in Durham.

Are you ready?

Where else gives you Kanye West artwork?

Where else has the sickest video loops inside?

And where else can offer you a heated smoking area?

Bear Hug.

Bear Hug will be gracing Klute every other Saturday, and it’s just £3 entry.

This is the first time Monk – the number one brand for student nights – and the historic club Klute have joined forces.

It’s going to be huge.

Playing the classics you love, and a steel drums set downstairs to add some Reggae spice, this is Durham’s nightlife like you’ve never seen it before.

Don’t want to miss out? Look out for the reps selling wristbands around your college.

Most importantly – always wanted to dance with a free ice lolly? Now you can.

Embrace the Bear Hug.