BREAKING: Body found in river

A body was recovered this morning between Bath Bridge and Hild Bede by Durham Amateur Rowing Club

Durham Police closed the area between Bath’s Bridge and Hild Bede this morning as a body of a young man was found next to the river.

The body was discovered at 8:45 this morning by Durham Amateur Rowing Club.

The police have not commented on the identity of the body, however they have confirmed that following the disappearance of St. Cuths student, Luke Pearce, his family have been informed.

A body was found between Bath’s Bridge and Hild Bede

Durham constabulary reported earlier today that “While the body has not yet been formally identified Luke’s family have been contacted and made aware of the development.”

The police have reopened the area as the body has been recovered. A post mortem is expected to be held later on today to establish a formal cause of death.

Luke Pearce, 19, has been missing since last week

Police report at this stage there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances