DUSTOPS Breast-taking Campaign

DUSTOPS is collecting Durhamites’ bras in aid of human trafficking.

DUSTOPS (Durham University Stop the Trafficking of People Society) is raising awareness and money for the victims of sex trafficking by collecting secondhand bras. The society is supporting Free the Girls, an organisation that allows women rescued from human trafficking to earn a living by selling second hand bras.

Got Bras?

The average secondhand bra can be sold for up to five times the minimum wage in third world countries, such as Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda, so donating secondhand bras can help put past slaves into an economically stable state.

DUSTOPS estimates that there are currently 28.9 million victims of human trafficking, with 80% of them being women or girls. A quarter of these women will be sold into the sex slave, whilst the rest are put into forced labour.

This fourth year has titillating stuff!

America and the EU have over 1.5 million slaves, whilst areas such as Asia and the Pacific have a staggering 11.7 million. The problem is getting bigger and bigger, as in 2010 it is estimated that the human trafficking trade estimated $650 billion worth of business.

DUSTOPS will also be giving away prizes to the female sports team (college or uni level) that donate the most bras. The Tab has been told that it’s a “beauty and boozey prize.” Sadly, the boys will have to miss out on this campaign.

Second years urge ‘Don’t ditch, donate!’

There will be a collection box in the DSU.

Get un-hooking ladies!