Cuth’s get colourful against cancer

Preceding their impending fashion show, the beautiful men and women of Cuth’s found themselves frolicking in pink powder paint in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The Tab caught up with one of the show’s organisers to find out just how messy things got…



“We decided it would just be fun to have a really messy shoot and get the models covered in pink powder. It’s Cuth’s first year on the fashion show circuit so we wanted to make it standout and what better way to make a statement than with bright pink powder.”

We chose the theme ‘A Touch of Pink’ because we wanted to reflect that we were helping breast cancer and we wanted to display this in our shoot.

Overall it was a great way to make the models relax and have a bit of fun

We did get a lot of strange looks from people passing by the river and people asking us why we were covered in pink as we passed down the bailey post-shoot. We also left a trail of pink dust in the woods!

By the end there weren’t enough baby wipes in the world to take off the pink. One girl was covered head to toe and another looked like a pink smurf!

We chose Breakthrough Breast Cancer because it’s a good cause and something we all supported and wanted to raise awareness about.”

Powder party!

The ticket released on Friday sold out in 3 minutes. Single seats are available today and there is even talk of a second night being arranged due to demand.