The Battle of the (Hild) Bedes

It’s the biggest match the college, and Division 3, have ever seen. TOM MILLS takes us behind the scenes of this tantalising encounter…

Derby Division 3 Football hild bede

The beautiful game has many colossal derbies: El Classico, the Merseyside Derby, the Milan Derby and the Old Firm Derby to name a few.

However, these pale in comparison to the match occurring in the next few days down at Maiden Castle (or Racecourse depending on where it’s held).

‘Nah you’re alright. I’ve got this covered, Ibra’

It does not get much bigger in the world of football than the huge clash between the Hild Bede 3s and the Hild Bede 5s. It is a season-defining game that could completely change the fortunes of both Division 3 sides.

Promotion’s a possibility for both sides

The 3s currently sit one place and one point behind their Hild Bede colleagues in 5th place.  This has the makings of a classic encounter.

Bettle thinks they’ve got it in the bag

The 5s, nicknamed ‘The Dragons’, have played two more games and do not fear their opposition. Captain, Will Bettle, began the fighting talk by stating; “they’re not even worth thinking about”.

Both teams have introduced extra training sessions and it has been rumoured that 3s captain, Will Brown (aka “Trousers”), has even invested in a clipboard. On the previous cancellation of the game, the 3s captain claimed the Dragons went “running scared the first time” and is just looking forward to actually playing them.

The 3s, who do not have a nickname, should feel confident coming into the game. They have won all four of their matches, scoring 22 and only conceding 2, giving them the best goal difference in the league. If the 3s can win their games in hand then the top of the table is surely beckoning.

Brown believes  “the bookies would have to make us favourites”. The evidence supports this. In their last meeting, Brown’s men went home 3-0 victors after having lent two players to the 5s.

Who will be crowned kings of Hild Bede? (Disregarding their 1sts, 2nds, and their players in the Unay side)

After this huge build-up, only time will tell who will be showered in glory and who will crash and burn. The pride of Hild Bede is on the line.