LEAKED: Lingerie! EXCLUSIVE: Chat to DUCFS stars!

With the sold-out fashion show only hours away The Tab dropped in on the final preparations for the hottest event of theDurham calendar and talked sex, swag and skin with some of the stars.

We sat down with Hector Bevan and Freddie Leech, the two jokers who’ll be keeping you all entertained and making sure you flash the cash, as the comperes at this year’s show. With some surprise guests thrown in…

TAB: Big responsibility tonight boys, how are the butterflies?

FREDDIE: A bit hour and hour, they come and go really… / HECTOR: Excited right now. / FREDDIE: Ye, excited now but the nerves will kick in.

TAB: Biggest thing you’ve done in Durham

H: Definitely. / F: I’ve talked to about 30 people in a lecture once but that’s about it, so definitely.

TAB: No fear of public speaking?

F: I get horrible leg shakes, but I’ll clench my butt cheeks and I should be fine.

TAB: Hector?

H: Confident.

TAB: Dutch courage?

F: Definitely, red wine. / H: Brandy for me.

TAB: Old school. Your best one liner after a few brandies?

F: We’re saving them, come to the show.

TAB: Fair play. Out of the models, best pout?

F: Walter Kerr. / H: Everyone’s talking about Walter Kerr.

TAB: What is it about Walter Kerr that makes him so exceptional?

H: He likes to wear mankinis… /F: I think it’s his small delicate nipples.

TAB: Walter, second year at the fashion show, any wisdom?

WALTER: Well, I’m modelling my hands.

TAB: Any other parts of your body?

WALTER: I think more than I would hope for will be on show on Saturday night. Depends whether Sangha has anything to do with it.

No skittles for this veteran hand model, Walter Kerr.

TAB: What’s your ritual before the show. Gym with Lance? Moisturise?

WALTER: Simple. No skittles. No mini-cheddars. Lots of water.

TAB: Best bum out of the girls? Who struts their stuff?

FREDDIE: Georgia Small has a proper SWAG about her… / HECTOR: Yes, there’s definitely swag there.

TAB: Not her actual bum then?

F: It’s the aura that goes with it. / H: The shapeliness helps.

TAB: So Freddie, you love big girls with SWAG then?

F: Ye it’s beaut, love it. / H: Are you calling Georgia Small fat? / F: Don’t be silly.

Myy milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

TAB: Other than Georgia then. If you could, who would you?

F: Everyone is saying Christie Otsby. / H: Ye, after recent reports.. / F: (laughs) Yes. But, I think Josie would be great / H: My actions speak for themselves.

TAB: Hector, we hear you’ve got a taste for Mildert girls.

H: I don’t often venture to the hill. / F: He shares his favourite number with them though…(dramatic pause) cheeky number 69.

TAB: Hector?

H: (laughs) No comment.

Girl’s got SWAG…

TAB: We hear your kit is coming off. Who’s got the best rig?

H: I’m robust / F: Depends what you go for, I’m very much skinny chic (lifts up top)

TAB: Impressive. Fancy your chances at the after party?

F: I’m a taken man / H: We’ll have to see how it goes!

Damn right, it’s better than yours…

TAB: Any celeb role models, who are you styling yourself on?

H: Leonardo di Caprio / F: Not Will Ferrel, he’s a fucking idiot…(long pause) A stripper from Blue Velvet in Newcastle, her stage presence is just…(trails off)

TAB: Top notch?

F: Absolutely top notch.

TAB: Comperes traditionally bring the flair, what are your tips for what to wear this year?

H: Sharp, traditional, James Bond look for me. / T: Very nice, Freddie? / F: Blue and white blazer over the tux. HandM number. I like fashion, without the price tag.

TAB: The last time you were on stage with a mic?

H: Speech at a 21st. / T: Remember it? / H: Just about. / F: Karaoke when I first started my internship, I sang J-Pop, my initiation.

TAB: Is there competition between the two of you?

H: We thrive off competition. / F: It’s the hunger games out there.

TAB: Perfect. Best of luck boys.

Although tables for tonight’s event are sold out, you can buy wristbands for the DUCFS after-party on the door and hear the Invitations play live funk and soul, brought to you by Gigiti Entertainment.