New Term: No Internet

Students suffer summative stress on first day back as uni IT Services desperately attempt to rectify internet access incident.

It’s day 1 of Epiphany, and it certainly hasn’t been stress-free, with students arriving back in Durham to university-wide internet chaos.

A third year student reported it taking her 2 hours to upload her essay onto TurnItIn.

IT staff have said they are investigating the issue and are trying to rectify it.

“We should start to see improvements over the course of the day”, said one staff member.

The incident has been acknowledged on the Computing and Information Services website:

But with numerous deadlines in the first few days of term, the incident has not come at a good time.

One student moaned, “I couldn’t get onto DUO this morning having just found out I have a summative in for tomorrow!”

And many others have turned to Twitter to express their anger:

CIS have now tweeted the following message:

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