laurie coldwell

The Riviera Tutor

LAURIE COLDWELL sneaks back online with a tale of streets paved with sun-soaked, BA Cantab gold.

The Producers

Needle-and-thread enthusiast LAURIE COLDWELL stitches together a review of a production which is far from seamless.


In amongst his habitual ravings LAURIE COLDWELL conceals a review of new writing which bites but can’t be bitten.

The Seagull

The novelty of seeing Simon Haines in a student play isn’t enough for TOBY PARKER-REES. Ironically, the standout performance was from a complete greenhorn called Lily.

Jacques and his Master

LAURIE COLDWELL ponders Czech whispers, pigs and streams of consciousness. There’s a review in there somewhere too.

William Fergus Stuart – The Revival

LAURIE COLDWELL’s mind melts in the face of our first ever unclassifiable play.

The Misanthrope

ABI BENNETT on a play which only succeeds in aesthetics.