Cambridge Universal bus route electrified and extended

The route will now cover Homerton, Girton and Wolfson colleges


The University of Cambridge has agreed to award an eight-year contract to Whippet to provide a fleet of new electric buses from July 2023.

This will replace the current diesel service and extend the route to cover more colleges.

The fleet will be split, with half covering the northern route near Girton College, and half near Grange Road to better serve Wolfson College. Some will also connect with Homerton College and the Faculty of Education.

Project U Lead, Harry Goolnik commented it’s been “an amazing privilege to work on Project U, the latest of a long line of campaigns trying to get the U Bus to Girton, Homerton and more.” He called the impact of the changes “transformative.”

Route U, the University bus for everyone, is subsidised by the University of Cambridge, and carries around 60,000 people per week, linking Eddington with West Cambridge, the city centre, the train station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

The £1 fare for University Card holders will continue despite the changes.

Professor David Cardwell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning, said: “Colleagues, in particular the University’s Sustainability team, have worked hard on what are significant enhancements to the existing service, and have welcomed the
positive working relationship they have had with student representatives’, and their perspective on the service.

“The Universal bus is a pioneering initiative, and this new contract will support the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability, in particular sustainable business travel, as well as its work to meet the access requirements of all students.”

Feature image credits: HHA124L via this Creative Commons License