We met societies at Cambridge’s first ever Refreshers’ Fair

And they’re just raring to meet you…

Missed out (somehow) on the first Freshers Fair? Getting Lent Term FOMO? Eager to get more involved in societies but not sure how? Fear not!

The SU has answered your prayers – the first-ever Refreshers Fair kicks off on Monday 17th January from 10am-5pm at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, right across from the Giggling Squid. (It’s NOT on Parker’s Piece this time after several students fell into the mud there and sank, never to be seen again – or so I’m told). Oh and did we mention, it’s completely free and you don’t even need a ticket?

There’s going to be a huge range of societies there – not only will all your faves from the Freshers fair be coming back for round two, but there’ll be new, never before seen societies that weren’t at the original.

We spoke to just a few of the societies who’ll be on the hunt for members at Refreshers on Monday…

Cam FM

Meet the Cambridge Radio-Heads (Image Credits: Cam FM)

Cam FM is the self-described ‘creative, dynamic and sexy ;)’ student radio station for both the Uni of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin.

Founded in 1979  it’s now one of the most listened-to student radio stations in the UK, as well as one of Cambridge’s biggest student-run radio stations.

Each and every aspect of the station is run by students, staff and alumni of the university – from presenting to producing, plus operations and admin, if that’s what floats your boat.

They broadcast 30+ hours of top-quality, original programming every week during term time from their studio, and covering genres from, they say, ‘specialist music to radio drama’ (I can already hear one of my friends in my head asking if there’s room for Shoegaze).

Go and find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, on yeah, the radio.

The Cambridge Footlights

The Footlights looking Fabulous – outfits sadly not for sale. (Image Credits: The Cambridge Footlights)

The Cambridge Footlights are the Uni’s resident student comedy group – and, though they seem surprisingly modest about it, have a great celebrity pedigree with (in no particular order, don’t sue me) Stephen Fry, Eric Idle, Emma Thompson, John Cleese, Sue Perkins, Richard Ayoade and Will and Simon from the Inbetweeners all having been involved themselves.

Who knows; if you join, maybe you’ll be Cambridge’s next big celebrity export!

The Footlights run weekly smokers (don’t feel bad if you google that, I had to) at the ADC and Corpus Playroom for anyone who wants to show off their talent at sketch-comedy, stand-up and ♫soooooong♫.

As well as their staple shows like the Spring Revue, Panto, and Footlights Presents, they host a whole range of socials, workshops and events.

You can find the Footlights on their own website (fancy!), Instagram and Facebook.

Cambridge Climate Justice (The Society Formerly Known As Cambridge Zero Carbon)

I actually really dig the graphic design (Image Credits: Cambridge Climate Justice)

Impactful. Relevant. Ambitious. These are the three words that Cambridge Climate Justice chose to describe themselves.

Cambridge Climate Justice is a friendly society working to reduce the University’s environmental impact. At the moment, they’re working on Fossil Free Careers, which aims to remove the influence of damaging fossil fuel and mining companies from the University’s Career Service, and there are more projects in the pipeline.

Get involved at their weekly meetings on Saturdays (advertised on their Facebook), and fight back against the climate crisis! Remember; Cambridge is so flat it’ll be one of the first places to be underwater…

Find Cambridge Climate Justice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter at @CamClimateJustice, or email them at [email protected]

Enactus Cambridge

(Image Credits: Enactus Cambridge)

You could be forgiven for thinking ‘Enactus’ sounds like a Harry Potter spell, but in fact, they’re a ‘fun and purposeful’ social impact society focused on meaningful entrepreneurship.

Enactus hold panel events and sessions with social entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and others engaged in impactful entrepreneurship. They run and focus on a new flagship project every year – this year’s is a financial literacy education programme delivered to Cambridgeshire schools, and they hope to start a homelessness intervention campaign with charities within Cambridge.

But don’t be fooled by all this charity; there’s something in it for you as well. With an array of corporate sponsors like HSBC, SAP and Amazon, their projects actually get funded (the dream of any student society!) and there’ll be the chance for fast track internships and grad role opportunities.

Find Enactus on Facebook and Instagram. To get involved, email [email protected]

The Cambridge Student

(Image Credits: The Cambridge Student)

In one of the great ironies of Cambridge, the Tab has given space to promote one of its (friendly) rivals…

That’s right, the Cambridge Student is another online magazine for (you guessed it) Cambridge students – although they do run a termly print edition.

Describing themselves as ‘creative’, ‘editorial’ and ‘journalism’ (their three words, not mine!), they’re based around culture and lifestyle, and though they’re affiliated with the Cambridge SU they pinky-promise they have guaranteed editorial independence.

If you’re full to the brim with opinions, are excited about culture and arts, or just want to get your voice out there, the Cambridge Student would love for you to write for them!

You can pitch articles to the Cambridge Student at [email protected] or take up commissions on their Facebook group. You can also find them on their other Facebook, website and Instagram.

Cambridge University Film Association

(Image Credits: Cambridge University Film Association)

CUFA is Cambridge’s biggest filmmaking society! If you’ve ever wanted to get stuck into filmmaking, CUFA has got you covered with equipment rental, workshops, advice and events to make filmmaking in Cambridge accessible to anyone who wants to give it a go.

From Fresh2Film, a programme where first-time filmmakers will get to team up to make a short film, to their weekly Film Club discussion group, to Cambridge Shorts, an evening showcasing exciting student filmmaking, CUFA’s got more initiatives than Cambridge has Caffè Neros. (This was not an exhaustive list!).

If you’re a complete newbie or a filmmaking lover already, CUFA would love to meet you. Find them on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Also, check out the Cambridge Film Facebook!

Cambridge University Alternative Protein Society

(Image Credits: Cambridge University Alternative Protein Society)

And last but certainly not least, a society which hopes to change the world. With industrial animal agriculture fuelling climate change and antibiotic resistance worldwide, CUAPS aims to do its bit by fostering the alternative proteins field – these including plant-based meat (take it from me, a vegetarian – it’s actually very tasty!)

Alternative proteins, CUAPS promises, can end the problems of animal farming without making everyone lose the sweet (or I’m told it’s actually salty) taste of meat forever. CUAPS’ goal is to build the field in Cambridge and the UK, bringing together students, academics and entrepreneurs to ‘create a sustainable food future.’

If you’re a student with a mission – or a rebel without a cause – find one by joining CUAPS, especially if you’re interested in biotech, policy or entrepreneurship!

Find CUAPS on their website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Meet all these awesome societies and more at the Refreshers Fair on Monday 17th January from 10am to 5pm at the Cambridge Corn Exchange – it’s free and open to all. See you there, and happy society-ing!

Featured Image Credits: Long Truong via Unsplash

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