Cambridge University records highest proportion of state school places

This comes after the record for those achieving top A-level grades was broken

Cambridge University has announced that state school students are likely to make up between 71 and 72 per cent of its incoming intake, compared to 70.6 per cent in 2020, the previous record.

As well as this, a statement released by the University says that all students who met the conditions of their offer have been accepted, with no need for any deferrals or for any student to switch to a different College. This is considerably different to 2020, when the reversal of grades to CAGs meant that “deferral to 2021 will be required for some offer holders”.

As well as this, the University stated that 49 students have been offered places through Adjustment, described as “the scheme which offers a place to talented widening participation students who apply but miss out on an offer and then go on to achieve high grade”, compared to 26 last year.

Cambridge is hoping for as much teaching in-person as possible, as long as it is safe to do so. Photo credit: Matilda Head

Despite the increase in high A-level grades this year, the University is planning to accept just over 3,600 freshers in October, compared to 3,900 last year (caused by the revision to A-level grades) and 3,528 in 2019.

Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Virgo has commented on this year’s admissions process by saying “At least 71% of our new students will have attended state schools, another increase on last year’s record, while more than a quarter are from the least advantaged backgrounds, including more than 230 who have declared themselves eligible for Free School Meals.”

He went on to congratulate the new freshers: “We applaud the achievements of all our new students and look forward to welcoming them in Cambridge in October.”

Featured image credit: Matilda Head