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Up close and personal: The best college rooms in Cambridge

A shrine to Taylor Swift at Girton, an art gallery at Jesus, and a penthouse suite at King’s

Most students are content to decorate their college room with a string of Primark fairy lights and a rug, and to leave it at that. I don't blame them – it can be difficult to balance interior design with supervision work.

However, some students have taken their accommodation to the next level. Whether through the sheer luck of getting a two-floored suite in the room ballot, or through pure artistic flair, these students were able to escape the prison of an undecorated shoebox.

Scroll down to see some of the best.

1) Emily, 3rd year English, Girton

This room looks like an actual house.

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Very Van Gogh

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We aspire to this level of extra… a judgmental pair of gold reindeer

2) Ariel, 3rd year HSPS, Jesus

Who knew Jesus had its very own Museum of Modern Art on the premises?

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Jesus could open its own Tate, just in Ariel's room

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3) Max, 2nd year English, Girton

This Taylor Swift themed room is inspiring.

Yes, that is a Taylor laundry bag and a signed album

4) Beth, 2nd year English, Clare

A cosy classic. Perfectly captures the English student aesthetic.

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5) Emily, 2nd year History, King's

We all know that Downing is famed for its accommodation. But a college room made up of TWO MASSIVE FLOORS? King's has taken it to the next level.

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Yes, this room has a downstairs area…

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… and an upstairs. What.

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And if you think this two-tiered room wasn't perfect enough already, look at the view. King's has outdone itself.

6) Amy, 3rd year Geography, Trinity Hall

Another art gallery in Cambridge.

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Would definitely get more work done if my desk looked like this

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