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How to get the maximum health benefits out of your clubbing experiences in Cambridge

Ever wonder if clubbing is an acceptable gym substitute?

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It’s the start of a new term and many of you might be rethinking that “do more exercise” resolution you seriously considered for about two seconds on New Year’s Day.

However, you might not need to feel as guilty about that failed resolution as you originally thought. Unsurprisingly, although many of us don’t necessarily have time for the gym, we somehow always find the time to dance the nights away in Cambridge’s roaring nightlife.

And although Cindies' altogether fabulously original music is enough of an incentive to go clubbing, the dancing itself could be enough of a valid excuse. You can call up your parents and reassure them that yes, you are getting your thirty minutes of exercise a day (or night/ early morning). You should probably leave out the details though.

Now, I hope I haven’t gotten your hopes up about the gym-like aspect of clubbing. Because it might depend on a number of factors.

Firstly, dear gentlemen, gun fingers do not qualify as an acceptable form of heavy-exercise dancing. Unless you’re combining that spectacularly original move with some bicep curls, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

To really get the maximum benefits out of a night of clubbing, try adding some hip swings into your routine. Maybe some jumping jacks when the beat drops (although those are few and far between) – if you manage to find the space at Wednesday Cindies. I’d recommend the entry floor at Sunday Life for optimal jumping jack performance.

However, beware of the false illusion that comes with clubbing at Fez. Although you might come out dripping in sweat, it is likely that 80 per cent of it is not yours.

Counter-balancing those valiant hip swing efforts with overpriced bar drinks may also be killing the benefits of the whole dancing thing.

Moral of the story: drink, dance, be hungover the next morning and question your life choices. The mere mental effort of the whole affair should be more than enough exercise for one day (including the early morning stumble to Sainsbury’s for hangover cures) .

However, do consider taking a cheeky little walk here and there. It’ll do wonders for your mood.

That’s all from your self-designated life coach. Have fun kids, and remember to stay hydrated (not with water, of course).

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