BREAKING: Magdalene bans Labour posters

Police state in Cam

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Magdalene College has caused outrage this morning by demanding that students remove their political posters from their room windows citing that it violates the ‘college rules’.

In this case, this demand was presented to a student that lived in off-site accommodation. A student expressing their support for Jeremy Corbyn was presented with a notice to ‘remove Labour posters from your window with immediate effect.’ This is a dramatic and worrying precedent set that colleges can stop students from expressing their vocal support for a political party.

‘War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength’

The ruling follows the taking down of a pro-Labour poster from the college’s bar. Magdalene is often viewed as an institutionally Conservative college, and this action does nothing to mitigate such thought.

Speaking to The Tab, a Magdalene student said: “College has been suppressing outward displays of partisan politics for a long time – numerous people were forced to remove posters back in 2015 and its unsurprising that they are doing the same now.”

“However, I think it’s ridiculous that students aren’t allowed to display their political inclinations; it’s our right as tenants and voters to display whatever we want within reason”

Perhaps Magdalene College has been reading a bit too much Orwell. What would Cambridge be without the collages of Labour and Liberal posters coating the medieval walls and windows? Oxford, perhaps.”

Cambridge is meant to be a bastion of free expression. If we can’t express our political views, then what’s the point of even having them?