We’ve won more Varsity matches than Oxford this year

What boat race?

It’s not actually going that badly.

On the back of a disappointing weekend on the Tideway many Cambridge students may be wondering if Varsity matches are becoming a waste of time. After all, hardly anyone remains who remembers Cambridge winning a Varsity Rugby match and on top of all that, the Dark Blues prevailed in the Goat Race.

But despair not, it turns out that we have actually won the majority of Varsity matches this year. The current score is 35-26, giving Cambridge the lead. But Oxford still have a chance of catching the Light Blues. There are still 28 Varsity matches still to be contested, including cricket and lawn tennis.

Look at all that light blue

While some of the more ‘prestigious’ Varsity matches have gone Oxford’s way, Cambridge have impressed in the basketball and fencing Varsity matches, completing a clean sweep in each. Hockey and lightweight rowing also yielded victories for Cambridge. For the full summary of results click here.

On further analysis the results become more intriguing, especially when gender is taken into account.

The men lead 13-12 while the women are miles ahead

Cambridge’s women are leading the way with 15 victories to their counterpart’s 10. It’s a lot in closer in the men’s contests but Cambridge still lead by one. In no sport is this difference more clear than in Rugby Union. Last December, Oxford ran out 43-9 winners at Twickenham but Cambridge got their revenge in March when  the women thumped Oxford 47-0. The tables were turned for the ice hockey Varsity matches as Oxford’s women completed a resounding 25-0 victory. Cambridge won the men’s match 10-0.

Cambridge have saved their best performances for the Varsity matches that combine the men’s and women’s results or in which the sport is intrinsically mixed. In those matches we lead 7-1.

There are still plenty of Varsity matches to be contested but with a healthy nine match lead, Cambridge are in a good position to repeat last year’s 54-45 overall triumph.