Man United vs Cambridge: Live Blog-The Sequel

Join the Tab Sports team for this liveblog of the replay leg between Cambridge United and Manchester United.   Welcome to our live feed of the highly anticipated replay between […]

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Join the Tab Sports team for this liveblog of the replay leg between Cambridge United and Manchester United.

What a seat!!


Welcome to our live feed of the highly anticipated replay between Cambridge and Manchester United. After a very surprising 0-0 draw in the first leg between these sides can Cambridge pull of the dramatic upset at Old Trafford this evening. Join us live to find out.

21:57 Thank-you all for following our liveblog here on the Tab. If you need a more Cup football go down and watch Pembroke vs St Johns in the Football cuppers final on the 13th of Febuary.

21:56 The final score of 3-0 is a fair reflection of the game today, Cambridge have put in a really brave performance in both legs and cannot be ashamed to lose 3-0 away at Old Trafford . The money they earned from this fixture should do the very well in the future. The money that I earned from my prediction will do me very well tonight.

21:46 There’s only two reasons to be watching this game now:

1) Your blind date is terrible and watching this means you don’t have to talk to them.

or 2) You have a bet on the score of the game (like me see 20:03)

21:41 The Fat Lady is well and truly singing now, a sight which I hope none of you see on your blind dates tonight!

21:36 GOAL!! Wilson scores a third for Manchester United and that ends any chance of a Cambridge comeback.

21:33 Very poor decision from the linesman their stops Elliot from having a free run on goal. That could have been a real chance!

21:31 Another great save from Dunn, who knows what this score would be now if he wasn’t playing this well!

21:28 A good spell from Cambridge here can they make the most of this and get a goal to put United under pressure?

21:25 30 minutes to go and Cambridge have back to back corners. Set pieces are clearly their best chance to score. A poor delivery means that the ball is easily cleared.

21:23 Cambridge are still fighting, some very resilient defending keeps the score at 2-0.

21:17 United are looking very relaxed here now, they are picking Cambridge apart slowly but surely. Cambridge will do well to keep this from getting out of hand.

21:15 For the second game in a row Dunn has been the standout player for Cambridge. He has really kept Cambridge in this game, he make another great save against Van Persie.

21:13 A bit of a dull start to the second half, not much really happening for either side here. If your date is still watching the game and not talking to you it’s not going very well.

21:08 We’re under way hear for the second half, can Cambridge make a remarkable comeback? Or will this game get out of hand?

20:52 First half in the books, 2-0 to Manchester United. A disappointing half from Cambridge but they are still not completely out of it, we know they can get chances like the one they got in the first minute. Hopefully they can put one or two of them away in the second half.

20:47 Cambridge certainly haven’t given up on this fight yet, Donaldson whips a ball across the box but theirs no one there. If they can get the next goal United will get worried quickly.

20:42 The game has slowed down now, after that second goal United know that they have Cambridge where they want them, can Cambridge follow in Bradford’ footsteps and come back from two goals down to win the game.

20:37 Goal!! No they can’t Rojo scores a second for Manchester United, and this could get ugly for Cambridge now.

20:35 Real pressure now on Cambridge if they concede a second its game over. United know this and are pressing hard for this second goal, can Cambridge withstand this onslaught

20:31 This is a big test for Cambridge now, can they hold on for long enough to make it a game in the last 30 minutes.

20:29 GOAL!! After the first real spell of Cambridge pressure United manage to beat Cambridge on the counter attack and Mata scores.

20:25 A very strong start to the game from Rooney, he is having a field day just hanging on the edge of the box and picking up the pieces after Cambridge don’t fully clear the ball. He’s looking dangerous will he be the man to finally score for United after 110 minutes against Cambridge.

20:21 More long crosses from United, they deal with most of them relatively comfortably. They’ll be happy if they do that all match, they see this tactic every week in League 2.

20:18 For the second game in a row between these sides Cambridge have held their own early on. They are pressing high up the pitch and seem like they want it more. If they can keep this up for 90 we have a game on our hands.

20:14 It’s an odd start from United, they seem intent of on firing in as many long balls and crosses as possible at the Cambridge center-backs which is weird as that is the one aspect of the game in which the might be able to match up with them.

20:11 Apart from that early chance United have started where they left off at the Abbey. Its constant pressure at the moment for United, Cambridge need a bit of possession here.

20:09  A very open start to the game, Cambridge won’t like this after that early chance the pressure is straight onto Cambridge.

20:06 And we’re off, the crowd tonight is a lot quieter than it was last time at the Abbey. A great chance for Cambridge early but Elliot misses what will probably be the best chance Cambridge get all game.

20:03 Time for some predictions, it will be very tough for Cambridge to hold out tonight against such a strong United side. I think they fight valiantly but concede 1 before the half and end up losing 3-0. Any predictions from you ? Let us know @tabsport

20:00 5 minutes till kickoff now, has anyone made the long journey up to Old Trafford today? Lets us know on @tabsport

19:57 Manchester United have pulled no punches with the side they’ve named for today’s game. They clearly feel that after losses for both Chelsea and Man City this is their cup for the taking. Can Cambridge spoil the party tonight?

19:55 Kickoff has been delayed until 20:05  due to traffic, which gives you all more time to get your blind date in front of a TV for the big match. Where are people watching the game today? Does anyone have the guts to take their blind date somewhere to watch the football? Let us know at @tabsport