May Bumps: Day 1 Round Up

One day down, 3 to go, and with crashes, controversy and our first Overbump, it’s off to a flying start. Here’s a round up of the days action, with only […]

One day down, 3 to go, and with crashes, controversy and our first Overbump, it’s off to a flying start.

Here’s a round up of the days action, with only one day in, all those who bumped yesterday are on for blades, Blade (and Spoon) watch begins later today over at the Live Blog.

Overall, the boat club of the day, on the strength of their lower boats performance, should be Queens’ with their 6 bumps from 9 boats, putting them at third in the overall rankings, but with Murray Edwards pulling off a cool 3 of 3, they take the lead. Elsewhere Churchill had a bit of a shocker of a day, with broken boats and 3 bumps down, there’s definitely some distance for them to bring it back. Also a congratulations to to Corpus III for the first overbump!



1 Caius

2 Downing

3 First and Third (+1)

4 St. Catharine’s (-1)

5 Jesus (+1)

6 Pembroke (-1)

7 Lady Margaret

8 Queens’

9 Fitzwilliam

10 Clare (+1)

11 Magdalene (-1)

12 Emmanuel (+1)

13 Trinity Hall (-1)

14 Christ’s

15 King’s +(1)

16 Churchill (-1)

17 Robinson

18 Downing II



Whilst the top two proved to be a relatively uninteresting affair, the bumps just below turned out to be very interesting, LMBC will be kicking themselves for letting Jesus get Pembroke, after such a promising season, as sure a sign as any that you can’t take bumps for granted. FaT too take some steps back towards the top, amidst concern that Catz should really be getting a bigger rudder some time soon, and with Downing II failing to make the big jump into the first division, it looks like they’ll be back in the second division shortly.


Downing will be looking to try and jump Caius off the start, reasonably safe in the knowledge that they can afford to blow after opening up a huge gap on the rest of the field yesterday. LMBC should be gunning for today, to try and make up for the missed opportunities of yesterday, Jesus too will be taking heart from a solid start and will look to mop up catz.

Clare attempt a celebratory Barrel Roll


1 Downing

2 Pembroke

3 Newnham (+1)

4 Christ’s (-1)

5 Jesus (+1)

6 Emmanuel (-1)

7 Clare

8 Queens’ (+1)

9 Lady Margaret (-1)

10 Caius

11 Trinity Hall

12 First and Third

13 Magdalene

14 St. Catharine’s

15 Girton (+1)

16 Churchill (-1)

17 Selwyn (technical row-over)

18 Peterhouse (technical row-over)


The back end of this division was the scene of a bit of controversy, with the Churchill boat managing to crash, with Girton rowing past the stationary boat, thereby earning the bump, only to concede a bump to Selwyn, causing them to stop and Peterhouse to close. In the end technical row-overs were awarded, but Peterhouse will surely feel denied their chance.

Higher up, Downing looked pretty comfortable, but with Christs getting the push from Newnham, they may get to have a race by the end of the week if they’re lucky. Queens’ also continued their clubs impressive overall performance, taking out LMBC. There was also a good race between Magdalene and Catz with Magdalene managing to hold them off till the line.


Catz will be looking to try and take the bump early, rather than tire themselves in the exhausting final quarter of a length. Caius should be able to handle Queens’ hand me downs today, and it definitely keep an eye on Newnham to see if they can bring some excitement to the top.


1 Downing II

2 Girton (+1)

3 First and Third II (-1)

4 Homerton

5 Peterhouse

6 Selwyn (+1)

7 Lady Margaret II (-1)

8 Caius II

9 Jesus II

10 St. Edmund’s

11 Sidney Sussex

12 Pembroke II (+1)

13 Wolfson (-1)

14 Corpus Christi (+1)

15 Anglia Ruskin (-1)

16 Christ’s II (+1)

17 Darwin (-1)

18 Queens’ II


Girton didn’t fail to deliver on their promise, with a rapid bump on FaT II, and with Downing not managing to make the jump into the first Division, they could be in for a very short race today.

Elsewhere, the Selwyn bump on LMBC II was as expected, and with a large gap between Caius and Jesus, it looks like Caius and LMBC could be heading for a pretty heavy race down the course


Girton to try and beat Christ’s record breaking bump on Darwin in W4 yesterday, and it to be pretty awesome to watch. It should also be good to see if Queens’ can take out Darwin make the break into the second division. With the big reshuffle lower down, it’ll also be interesting to see if Pembroke II can keep handing them down as fast as Corpus can chase them up.



1 Peterhouse

2 King’s

3 Pembroke II

4 Sidney Sussex

5 Murray Edwards (+1)

6 Emmanuel II (-1)

7 Fitzwilliam (+1)

8 Jesus II (–1)

9 Robinson

10 Newnham II

11 Homerton (+1)

11 Anglia Ruskin (-1)

13 Darwin

14 Lady Margaret II (+1)

15 Clare II (-1)

16 Downing II (+1)

17 Hughes Hall (-1)

18 Trinity Hall II


Plenty of bumps in this division, apparently a little bit of controversy with the Downing II bump, but it was all resolved. Peterhouse are back at the top despite having a good row in the W1 division due to some drama with the Churchill boat, but after a strong row over yesterday they’ll be aiming to make the break through today.


Peterhouse to row over and then make the break in to the next division, and Tit Hall II to absolutely gun for Hughes Hall to try and get the momentum going. With the hype for the Murray Edwards boat I’m hearing, it could also be a good race between them and the Sidney Sussex boat up at the top, as they’ll be confident of Sidney not bumping out after Pembroke held them off yesterday.




1 Queens’ II

2 Clare II

3 St. Catharine’s II

4 Hughes Hall (+1)

5 Emmanuel II (-1)

6 Selwyn II

7 Peterhouse II

8 Lady Margaret III

9 First and Third III (+1)

10 Robinson II (-1)

11 Trinity Hall II

12 Magdalene II

13 Fitzwilliam II

14 Girton II (+1)

15 Churchill II (-1)

16 Emmanuel III

17 Queens’ III (+1)

18 King’s II (-1)


Relatively few bumps going on here, but congratulations for Queens’ III, getting their bumps off to a flying start by moving into the division. A lot of row overs means that there should be a fair few crews trying to front load their races today in an effort to catch their opposition napping.


Keep an eye out for this Queens’ III boat, who could be onto a stormer at this rate. Also the Tit Hall, Magdalene, Fitz row over in the middle could get exciting with the addition of a Girton boat gathering momentum to put the wind up them.



1 Trinity Hall II

2 Wolfson (+1)

3 Corpus Christi (-1)

4 Caius II

5 Christ’s II

6 Queens’ II

7 Girton II

8 Selwyn II (+1)

9 Magdalene II (-1)

10 Pembroke III

11 St. Catharine’s II

12 First and Third II

13 Emmanuel III

14 Clare Hall

15 Murray Edwards II (+1)

16 Newnham III (-1)

17 Sidney Sussex II (+1)

18 St. Edmund’s (-1)


The number of row overs doesn’t really do this justice, after the disaster that was Corpus and Wolfson at Grassy, Christ’s were certain they’d be bumping Caius after they’d clipped corpus, but this didn’t bear through, and there was a nail biting race to the line. With huge numbers of the following boats plowing into corpus, only to get out in time, this was a bit of a disaster area.


Elsewhere Sidney II make the jump into the division. Eyes will be definitely be on Caius tomorrow to see if they can take out Corpus with their cunning coxing. With so many row overs though, the results tomorrow are liable to look very different.

A Close Call for Christs


1 Queens’ III (+1)

2 Caius III (-1)

3 Pembroke III

4 Clare Hall (+1)

5 Wolfson II (-1)

6 Downing III

7 Darwin II

8 Clare III (+1)

9 Jesus III (-1)

10 Selwyn III

11 St. Catharine’s III

12 Trinity Hall III

13 First and Third IV (+1)

14 St. Edmund’s II (-1)

15 Christ’s III (+1)

16 Jesus IV (-1)

17 Corpus Christi II

18 Magdalene III


Bumps from Queens’, Clare Hall, Clare, FaT and Christs, but the really interesting result from this division was actually what almost happened. After Jesus, Christs, FaT and Eddie’s pulled over pretty early, Corpus were facing the prospect of having to hold off Magdalene III all the way down the course. In the race ensued, Corpus were pushed pretty damn hard, with the distance closing to ¾ length at ditton, but the big turn up is actually how close they got to Trinity Hall III in front, closing from 11 lengths to approx. 2. Whether this is because Tit Hall wound down/didn’t really feel threatened or not is debatable, but the racing tomorrow will definitely be interesting.


Watch out for Corpus with the fear of Bumps at their back, with Jesus probably going to still be there tomorrow, there should be a good bump there provided Corpus hold it together. It’ll also be good to see if Caius III can make up for lost ground on LMBC V.



1 Sidney Sussex II

2 Homerton II (+1)

3 Jesus III (-1)

4 Christ’s III (+1)

5 Darwin II (-1)

6 Fitzwilliam II

7 Peterhouse II (+1)

8 Hughes Hall II (-1)

9 King’s II

10 Queens’ III (+1)

11 Selwyn III (-1)

12 Pembroke IV

13 Clare III

14 Murray Edwards III (+1)

15 Trinity Hall III (-1)

16 Lady Margaret III (+1)

17 Robinson II (-1)

18 Sidney Sussex III


A lot of turn over in this division, with bucket loads of isolated row overs. The race of the day goes to Pembroke IV vs Clare III, which apparently got pretty heated, and with it happening again tomorrow, it’s quite possible we could get another bout of thrills from them.


Expect a Very close game between Pembroke and Clare again, both crews will be going off like bats out of hell, well aware of just how close it is. At the top it should be a good race at the top with Sidney not really being tested yesterday now off ahead of a Homerton boat gathering momentum.



Division 5

1 Magdalene III

2 Homerton II (+1)

3 Lady Margaret IV (-1)

4 Christ’s IV

5 Sidney Sussex II

6 Hughes Hall II (+1)

7 Pembroke IV (-1)

8 First and Third V

9 Robinson III

10 Sidney Sussex III

11 King’s III (+1)

12 Caius IV (-1)

13 Queens’ IV (+1)

14 Jesus V (-1)

15 Girton III technical row over

16 Fitzwilliam III

17 Magdalene IV (+2)

18 Lady Margaret V (-1)


Bumps for Homerton, Hughes Hall, Kings and Queens’ IV, and after being denied their go at the next division, despite a valiant effort, Madgalene III will be fighting hard tomorrow for the chance to have another go Corpus.


The race at the top for the sandwich position is going to be one to watch, with Magdalene holding out to have another bite at the apple, Whilst Homerton look to make the break through, also expect exciting racing in the middle as 3 third boats line up, it could be close.



1 LMBC V (-1)

2 Christs V (-1)

3 Corpus Christi III (+3)

4 Clare IV (+1)

5 Emmanuel IV (-1)

6 Downing IV (-3)

7 Girton IV

8 Queens’ V (+1)

9 Selwyn IV (-1)

10 Sidney Sussex IV

11 Clare V

12 Homerton III (+1)

13 Robinson IV (-1)

14 Queens’ VI

15 Emmanuel V

16 First and Third VI

17 Darwin III

18 Corpus Christi IV


Magdalene IV put in a solid performance escaping the 6th Division, bumping first Christs and then LMBC. First over bump of the week for Corpus Christi III on Downing IV, and bumps for Clare and Queens’ V as well. The last 3 were awarded technical row overs so there’s not a huge of information available.


If Downing IV’s performance today is anything to go by, they could be hard pressed to avoid spoons, and in the process they would deny Queens’ V blades, keep an eye out for them. Elsewhere, Homerton III should look to make quick work of a fifth boat, but once again, making predictions in a division as variable as this is dicey business.