The Cambridge flashings continue as a man catches a Murray Edwards student on her bike.

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An unidentified man EXPOSED HIMSELF to a Murray Edwards student on Saturday.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police reported “We were called just before 7.10pm to reports a man had indecently exposed himself in Grange Road.

The ‘square-faced’ man is a white male, approximately 30 years old, and was wearing a blue checked shirt and jeans.

A woman was cycling along the road when she noticed a car parked on the side of Grange Road with the boot open. As she cycled past she noticed the man was indecently exposing himself.”

The Dean of Murray Edwards has warned girls to “take steps not to be out in the area on your own.”

The intrusive effects of these attacks on students is summed up by Sophie Madden, second year historian at Murray Edwards, who said “I know some of us are still a bit shaken up from last term and I’ll admit that since then I feel much less safe, even just walking to the library in the dark.”

This incident, similar to one which occurred last term, coupled with the ongoing attacks of the still at-large “Cambridge sex attacker”, have led some to question the safety of women in the area.

Madden believes that “there isn’t much the police can do to be honest. Personally I do think the female colleges are targeted, and it’s probably a good reason not to have all-female colleges!”

But Robinson student Kate Fairhurst takes a more sanguine view of the situation “I think it is too easy for students to be caught up in the College bubble and forget they live in an ordinary town too: a town that will unfortunately have incidents like this occur.

Warnings about personal safety satisfy the consciences of those trying to prevent offences, but in reality, we do not need these warnings to act sensibly.”