Charlie Gilmour has been released from prison after serving four months inside for his part in student protests. But will he be coming back to Cambridge?

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Charlie Gilmour was released from prison today amid speculation about his Cambridge future.

The Girton historian was sentenced to 16 months inside after sensationally swinging from the cenotaph and throwing a bin at a royal convoy in last year’s student protests.

But after the drama of the media scandal, trial, court appeals and four months on the dark side of the slammer, Charlie is finally out.

Police will be keeping tags on the firebrand. Gilmour’s release is subject to a 12 hour curfew and wearing an electronic tagging device. This will continue for four more months, until he has completed half of his 16-month sentence. He will then be released on probation.

Gilmour’s solicitor, Robert Brown, confirmed that the release and curfew is “standard procedure for prisoners who are serving a sentence of between three months and four years.”

The now infamous image of Charlie swinging from the Cenotaph

But there are still unanswered questions hanging over Gilmour’s future at Girton. After being granted bail to sit Part I History exams, he still has the final year of his degree to complete.

A university spokesman said: “There is no way that he would be able to resume his studies this year but no decision has been taken on whether he can next year.”

In September The Tab ran a reader poll with the question “Should Charlie Gilmour be allowed back to Cambridge?” 67% voted ‘yes’.

But not everyone is convinced. Selwyn English second-year James Mottram told The Tab: “As people are sometimes kicked out for a lot less than desecrating the Cenotaph and trying to attack the Prince of Wales it’d be a bit of a double standard if he was allowed to return.”

Girton plan to make a decision on Gilmour’s academic future within a month.